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Daryl Hodges of Minera IRL ( (MIRL.L) deliberately deceives market authorities, breaks market rules, leaves his shareholders in the dark

Four facts to consider:

1) On August 10th 2015 (remember that date) Daryl Hodges, the Executive Chair of Minera IRL, received formal notification from Senor Juan Luis Valeriano Gutierrez, President of the Ollachea Community, that the community is suspending its support of the project development activities at Ollachea.

2) According to the rules of the TSX, a company has a maximum of 72 hours to file news and notify the market of a material change to the company.

3) Yesterday August 17th, seven days after receiving the formal notification, Minera IRL notified the market about the news via its NR (link here).

4) Today Minera IRL filed to SEDAR a material change report on yesterday's news release, i.e. the company acknowledged that the news from the Ollachea Community was indeed material.

In yesterday's NR, Hodges tried to worm out of the obvious non-compliance with market rules by adding, "This situation was also reported by the Community to the Puno press on 14 August 2015" and that may be true, but his error of omission is glaring. He and the company knew of this material event via an official letter sent addressed to him personally and received by the company on a registered date/time stamp on Monday August 10th 2015.

The man is a liar.