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McEwen Mining (MUX) at the opening bell is the tell

I've just watched MUX open 15% down. Crazy. It's a gold producer. You seen gold today? In the last week? 

Today, ladies and gentlemen, is your long-awaited capitulation day, when the only people selling are 1) those forced to sell (margin-called, fund desks etc) and 2) idiots.

UPDATE: I grant Rick Rule plenty of kudos today. His timing may not be the best and he may have deployed cash too early, but I've watched carefully his strategic reading of the market and his thesis on a move to capitulation, in 2014 and 2015. What we've seen in August fits exactly into his playbook.

UPDATE 2 early afternoon: For a day in which, according to them there experts at least, I was supposed to be looking on at the death of western civilization and all equities amen, there's a fairly decent smattering of green on the screen now. And yeah, I did my pre-announced bits of buying earlier. Just sayin'.

UPDATE 3 at the close: Hah! Spoke too soon. I've never been good at micro-reading these volatile days.