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Screwtape Files versus Jason Zweig

IKN draws your attention to this post, in which we noted that The Screwtape Files called a bottom for gold on July 9th 2015 of U$1,081/oz.

I'm deeply, deeply impressed. Seriously, that's one helluva moneymaker call. You should do what IKN's been doing for years; read Screwtape.

We also remind you of this post, in which Jason Zweig got a mention. This is the "market expert", who had the memorable achievement of shouting "buy!" on gold bullion at its very top a few years ago. And after top-ticking the metal then, just a few weeks ago in late July added to his track record of unblemished failure by calling sell on gold and calling it a pet rock at...yes you guessed it...the very bottom $1,080/oz day. Bless him.

I'm also deeply deeply impressed by Zweig's track record, but not in exactly the same way. 

Anyhow, Screwtape versus Zweig. You be the judge.