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The latest letter from the community of Ollachea to Minera IRL ( (MIRL.L)

This is a translation of the letter that arrived at Minera IRL yesterday evening August 17th. After reading it I think the Ollachea community's position is fairly clear. And just so you know Daryl, I have a copy of the letter and although my source will remain confidential, it came from the town of Ollachea and not from anyone at your IRL office. Also Daryl, I did the translation and it's wholly accurate in both message and style. But you wouldn't know that, not being able to speak Spanish.

Via this official letter, we the rural community of Ollachea, in full defence of its territory and its community rights, make our statement on the commitments agreed upon as company partners and community. We have made the decision via General Assembly to declare Señor Daryl Hodges 'Persona Non Grata' and solicit his retirement from the company, due to his lies and his lack of respect from not taking us into consideration and mocking our fair petitions. 
Señor Hodges does not care about nor respect the relationship of trust built over eight years between company and community through our Honorary Community Member, Dr. Diego Benavides, for who we clearly asked that his position of Interim CEO be ratified, to be recognized and part of the directorate and as the lead authority of the company according to our community assembly dated 15th August 2015. 
If Señor Hodges has not taken into consideration, nor even respected, our request made to him by the assembly, what trust can we have in him while at the same time we see he has auto-proclaimed himself the maximum authority of the company without giving any sort of proposals to the community?  
The community has always trusted in Dr. Diego (Benavides), which is why we gave him our support in order that he could reach the financing agreement with COFIDE, and now Señor Hodges wants to push all that aside and change the company to get the project for himself and damage our community, appropriating our territory in the same way that Rio Tinto before him wanted to do. This is something the community will never allow.  
Therefore, we have decided that the project will advance no further if Dr. Diego Benavides Norlander is not put in charge exactly as requested and that the commitments agreed upon are adhered to, such as the case of the machinery plus the payment of surface rights for 2015 that was agreed upon in August with him. Also, we request that our agreements and decision on no activity at the project are complied with and respected. If not, we will be obliged to take drastic strike measures via all the community.  
Juan Luis Valeriano Gutierrez 
President of the Ollachea Rural Community Directive