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The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order and in a travel-shortened week:

Third Place: "Atna Resources ( A rantwhich noted how was down 20% on the month (it's now down 37%) and how its pumpy promo about improving gold production at one of its two mines three weeks ago wasn't even half of the cruel reality at the company. And how people who invest in juniors need to check the financials, not believe IR spiel. 

Second Place: "Richard Fifer of Petaquilla: Beware of strangers holding envelopes", which noted how the lawyers with papers to serve seek him here and seek him there and seek him over hill and dell.

First Place: "Balance sheets". Which pointed out some very obvious things about Banks Island Gold which its head pumper Louis James of Casey Research didn't want you to know. And I ranted about it again, too.