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Three easy pieces

We haven't done a news roundup aggregate-y type post for a long time and as there are some decent things to point your collective noses at this morning, let's bring back the tradition:

Biiwii parses Schiff. Gary T does a great job of dismantling another round of financial guff'n'nonsense from the snake oil salesman Peter Schiff.

Mike does Guatemala pre-election. Central American Politics gives us a preview of the big show coming to you in just three weeks' time. A reasonable and jaded-eye view of the election campaign and the bunch of assorted sordids that want the big job.

Franklin does Peru coca. Let me tell you about Frankin Briceño of Associated Press. He's young, bright, hard-working, perceptive, a talented young journalist with a great future ahead of him and what's more, incredibly handsome. In other words I hate him. His article out today on the coca eradication campaign in Peru and the disastrous consequences of this heavy-handed and badly designed program is a must read. h/t two weeks notice