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Barrick (ABX): A broken pipeline at its Veladero mine in Argentina causes problems with the local town

This report today from a local news service in Argentina, "DiarioHuarpe" tells of how the community of Jáchal near the Veladero gold mine owned by Barrick Gold (ABX) first heard unfounded rumours about a large pipeline breakage problem at the mine which over the course of yesterday Sunday were turned into confirmed facts.

The locals demanded that water supply be shut off in the town and that schools be closed today Monday because the broken pipeline has supposedly spilled a large quantity of cyanide contaminated liquid at the mine. Barrick however say that the local water supply is drinkable. Miguel Martín, head of communications at Barrick said that "They're saying that the local water supply is contaminated but that is completely false", that "We don't have any contaminated water anywhere" and that ABX would publish a press release this morning on the subject (no word on whether the presser is in Spanish for Argentine locals or for all of us...we'll know in about 45 minutes).

My thanks to reader J for the headsup.