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Barrick (ABX) Veladero, the future of mining transparency and investor relations

Did ABX give us a NR on the cyanide spill at Veladero? No.

Did ABX tell us of the results of the preliminary inquiry five days later that said the spill was 224,000 litres of cyanide solution, not the 15,000 litres first mentioned by the company? No.

Did ABX tell us that two days ago, the amount of solution spilled turned out to be 1.15m litres, not 224,000? No.

Did ABX tell us about the six nine employees* who yesterday had formal criminal charges for environmental damage brought against them by a local judge? No.

But suddenly, out the blue, this morning...

Ah, the example for all of Canada to follow. 

And they do. 


*due to make their first appearance in court on October 6th