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Checking in on Capstone Mining (

Back when we were all younger on August 18th 2015 (copied from an IKN Weekly piece dated August 15th), this is part of a longer piece your humble scribe wrote about the future of Capstone Mining (
"It's my contention that things have to get worse in the copper space before they get any better and that probably means a few headline-making corporate casualties before the market turns around. One of the prime candidates for bankruptcy protection is the highly leveraged so you may think this weekend's 76c price is wildly cheap. I think the cheap is going to get a lot cheaper."

Whole thing here. And how are we doing today, five weeks later?

So, 35% lost from the share price since that article. And it's been a while, but let's see what our old pal Owly has to say about that chart:

Thanks Owly