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Daryl Hodges is now trying to gag IKN, therefore a message to Canadian readers

If all of a sudden you can't access posts via incakolanews "dot ca", that's because the cowards at Minera IRL in Canada, led by the arch-scumball Daryl Hodges (even though he was kicked out of the company by its shareholders in a 91.7% contra vote) don't want you to read the truth about their nefarious ways, their pathetic track record and their enormous and ethically disgusting conflicts of interest with Fasken Martineau.

But the good news is that they won't be able to do a thing about access via incakolanews "dot com", so just change the URL and it'll all be there for you. Either that or sign up to the 100% free daily digest e-mail service in which you get all the day's posts sent to your inbox in a mail the next morning, because the cockroaches won't be able to touch that either.

Imagine being scared of a blogger. Pathetic excuses for human beings.