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For those of you who want the follow the Guatemala election count...

...Prensa Libre has a fast-updating vote count graphic at the top of its front page, right here. They're also doing a live link to the Prensa TV election night desk, for those of you versed in the tongue of Cervantes.

It's still early days and the count looks like a slow one, but after 3.8% of the total votes counted Jimmy Morales (FCN) has 26%, Manuel Baldizón (LIDER) is on 21% and Sandra Torres (UNE) is going to miss out on the second round run-off because she's in third on 17%.

But I stress, 4% of the total vote is nobody's idea of a sample, long way to go yet. Follow the numbers here.

UPDATE: It's beginning to shape up: 12% of votes counted, here's a screenshot: