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Mailbag on one Ricardo Goldman

This from reader "A" this morning. I haven't had time to check out the full bonafides on his message but it passes the smell test so I'm sticking it here for all to see:
Hey Otto;

Just so you don't feel all alone in the misfortunes of the bullshit of the stock market.
My Argentinian stockbroker in Miami, ended up declaring his firm with lack of liquidity, and therefore it's investors with some kind of equity left, cannot withdraw any funds, no matter if we've made money or we lost equity. The firm " has halted all trading operations due to lack of liquidity". Believe it or not the broker has pooled all the monies from all traders probably to make a living out of his operation.
Just if you hear the name Ricardo Goldman, DaytradeYa! Or American Capital group LLC. in your cyberspace corner, you know what this scumbag has been doing all along, placing himself amongst the most respected traitors of the Latin investing community in Miami.
I though this only happens in Banana Republics, but now let's see how the SEC reacts.
He has had 2 previous violations with them , and still doing business as usual

Thanks, A