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Minera IRL ( (MIRL.L): An interesting development for IKN

It has come to my attention* that certain people in or around Minera IRL ( (MIRL.L) are, on this fine and sunny Tuesday, suddenly very keen indeed to get their hands on the home address of your humble scribe. They've been asking around for people who "know how to source this".

When I heard about this, I immediately sent a mail to the person doing the asking (I know mail addresses, y'see) and asked the person why they didn't ask me directly. So far no answer from the person.

One wonders why certain people in Minera IRL are suddenly so keen on this information. Perhaps they have papers they'd like to give me. Or perhaps they're up for a social visit (I make good coffee). Or perhaps it's something to do with this little piece of prose stuck at the end of IKN331 that was repeated in this post Sunday evening:

I’ll end this week’s update on IRL with a quick personal note, because I’m fully aware that both friend and foe inside or close to IRL will be reading these words very soon. I’ve heard from well-placed sources that the IKN coverage of Minera IRL has really got under the skin of some people at/close to the company. For sure mostly the Team Hodges side, but there’s also some annoyance from people who’d consider themselves to be on the side of Diego Benavides as well. Apparently, some of those people now truly hate me and would wish me physical harm. That’s a very good thing, ladies and gentlemen readers; getting waves of hate from the type of greedy, ignorant, boorish, racist, self-serving, uncaring scumbags who don’t give a rat’s hind quarters about shareholders, stakeholders or even if the Ollachea mine gets built as long as they get their share of the money is my idea of a strong success. And as long as they’re obsessing on me it might keep them from people who aren’t psychologically equipped to handle their bullying behaviour and nefarious deeds. So keep the hate coming people, all welcomed.

I'm posting this on the public blog because apart from the identities of sources (something I always keep in absolute confidentiality) I have nothing to hide. Unlike certain people I could mention.

*Though this time I'm not doing any screenshots, I've been strongly advised against it this time and you're just going to have to take my word.