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Nevada Copper ( A world class news release

Ah, just made my day. This one's got everything and its use of corporate-speak would have George Orwell applauding, whooping and shouting "In The Hooole!" or "Go Team!" or something. So many pieces of wonderful, but these stand out:
"...the Amended Loan Facility will provide more-than-adequate time, in light of current market conditions, for the Company to consider the optimum development and financing strategy for the Project."
Ottotrans: We got no money. And a special shout out for the hyphenated 'more-than-adequate'.
"Pumpkin Hollow represents the only large, fully-permitted copper deposit in the Americas not currently owned by a major."
Ottotrans: Nobody's bought us yet, guess why.
" is the appropriate time to re-engage on the financing front."
Ottotrans: Seriously, we got no money.

Magical stuff, Guido. Truly magical: