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The latest BS lie from Minera IRL's ( (MIRL.L) Hodges/Higgins lackeys

LIMA, PERU--(Marketwired - Sep 29, 2015) - Minera IRL Limited ("Minera IRL" or the "Company") (MIRL.L)(MIRL.L)(IRL.TO) announces that its half-yearly report for the six months ended 30 June 2015 will not be published by 30 September 2015 as required under the AIM Rules for Companies due to the previously announced temporary compromise of control within the Company's two Peruvian operating subsidiaries, Minera IRL S.A. and Compañía Minera Kuri Kullu S.A.

"Temporary compromise of control", oh how we laughed. In fact, the company isn't going to file its numbers because the CFO, Brad Boland, today resigned in protest at the board's decisions and pathetic way it's running the company (into the ground). 

Subtle difference, no?

And it seems the company's CFO resigning isn't a material event in the warped world of Hodges's lackeys. Not a mention, even though the news is all round Lima already.