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The target price of New Gold (NGD)

Back in IKN 321 dated July 5th, The IKN Weekly ran a big long analysis on New Gold (NGD), because I was interested in the stock as a potential play on an eventual improving gold price. I didn't buy any then, but did a couple of weeks ago so I'm now a long and involved shareholder here. But the one thing I didn't do in IKN 321 was set a price target on the stock. Now that gold's shown a bit of mojo. it's long past the time to get really busy on the numbers and work out where the NGD share price can reasonably go under current market circumstances.

Which is a long-winded way of saying that IKN 330 this Sunday isn't going to be about Minera IRL (for a change), it's going to be about NGD, because I want to know just how far this one can travel, let alone you guys.