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UPDATED If Keith Barron is right, Lake Shore Gold ( (LSG) moves up today

Yesterday in his Halloween-themed post Keith Barron touched many bases including this one:
In the last Straight Talk I stuck my neck out suggesting that we had reached market bottom. Rick Rule says that he’s too clever to call a bottom….and that’s probably wise. It’s certainly not as egregious as Greenspan saying you don’t know you’re in a Bubble while you’re in it….but to my mind the signs of a tentative, cautious pickup are there. In the last day or two Reservoir Minerals and Goldquest both released great drill holes and picked up some traction. This wasn’t possible a month ago.
So if that's right the news out of Lake Shore Gold ( this morning, which includes this little beauty of an out-step...

...should move this stock up. As we wait for Goldcorp (GG) to bite.

Disclosure: Yup, I'm long.

UPDATE an hour after the opening bell: Yup.