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Peru narco flights and the massive AP report

IKN is loving this new AP report on how drug-running planes still fly straight past the Peru military that's designated to stop them, even after laws that allow the places to be shot down in flight were recently passed.

Peru's government has barely impeded the airborne drug flow. Prosecutors, narcotics police, former military officers and current and former U.S. drug agents say that while corruption is rife in Peru, the narco-flight plague is the military's failure because it controls the remote jungle region known as the Apurimac, Ene and Mantaro river valley.
Wilson Barrantes, a retired army general who has long complained about military drug corruption, said giving the armed services control over the valley is "like putting four street dogs to guard a plate of beefsteak."
An Associated Press investigation found that "narco planes" have been loaded with partially refined cocaine at landing strips just minutes by air from military bases in the remote, nearly road-less valley where about two-thirds of Peru's cocaine originates.
After a Cabinet meeting Wednesday, Defense Minister Jakke Valakivi said the defense ministry and armed forces would jointly investigate the allegations of military corruption.
Valakivi called the AP's report "tendentious" while drug czar Alberto Otarola accused the AP of "irresponsibly offending Peru's image" in an interview published Thursday by the La Republica newspaper.
Full report here and it's brilliant stuff real reporting that ruffles feathers of the rich and influential. Imagine if this were going on in some Anti Imperialist Anti USA stronghold country.