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Standard T(r)olling (TON.v): A quick Ottotrans

A part of this NR:

Mr. Leonard Clough, President and CEO of Standard, commented "The fundamental basis of this transaction lies in our collective belief that gradually ramping up and fully optimizing one processing plant is better than operating two plants below full capacity at potentially non-optimized margins. While the capital cost to complete construction at the Northern gold plant is relatively modest, the challenges associated with achieving sustainable margins, commissioning costs, potential export licencing delays, and time associated with recovering the 18% IGV/VAT, all in a capital-starved market, increase uncertainty, and make the commissioning exercise seem somewhat unrealistic at this time. While the business opportunity of toll processing remains solid, staying power is critical, and we believe a combination with Inca One helps achieve that. I look forward to assisting Edward Kelly and his team in sharing the new story, one of free cash flow, sustainability, and calculated expansion."

Translation: "We couldn't raise the money".

And another promising company is crushed by the wheels of industry. So it goes.