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Understanding "All In Sustaining Costs", Detour Gold ( edition

Detour Gold ( just reported its 3q15 and here's my favourite bit:

Gold sold: 126,241 oz
Average realized price per Oz Au: U$1,164
All In Sustaining Cost per Oz Au: U$1,071
Difference between two: U$93/oz
Total revenue difference: + U$11.74m

Net loss: US$44.3m
Adjusted net loss:U$13.3m

Hey, d'ya think that All In Sustaining Cost might not mean what you thought it meant? Perhaps?

But Canada won't care, because DGC is the default bull story and nothing negative can ever be said about it. These sycophants need their winner and DGC is the designated blue-eyed boy...ever since blew up in their faces, anyway. Expect warm'n'fuzziness in their brokerage notes mañana.