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Lawrie Williams does the Minera IRL EGM clownfest

It's well worth reading Lawrie Williams' (Sharps/Pixley etc) take on the craziness of the Minera IRL ( (MIR.L) EGM last Thursday, as he puts his sharp pen and professionalism to work on the story. Here's a short excerpt:

"The EGM vote suspension is a total fiasco and is put down to some irregularities with some of the votes in terms of Ontario securities legislation – here its should perhaps be noted that Minera IRL Ltd. – the parent company – is not actually a Canadian company and the TSX is one of three exchanges on which it is quoted with shareholders virtually split between the three (LSE AIM, TSX, and Lima) as we are given to understand it. Shares are currently suspended effectively awaiting the outcome of the new EGM."
Read it all here, you'll be glad you did.