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Louis James Rubiconned you all ( (RBY)

When Louis James made Rubicon Minerals ( (RBY) his "must own" stock for 2015, he did so after visiting the mine and seeing what they were doing there. He even used his photos at the mine as pump-material to entice in new subscribers, trying to get them to part with money in exchange for the name "Rubicon" as the next big winner in the world of mining.

However, that's not why you should never take mining investment advice from somebody who isn't a geologist.

It is why you should never take mining investment advice from somebody who isn't a geologist but pretends to be one. Step forward Louis James, the "rock kicker and stock picker", Porter Stansberry's mining "expert" Lobito Little Wolf James of Casey Research has cost thousands of his subscribers many many thousands of dollars because of his delusions of grandeur. He went there, he looked at the mine, its plans, for sure at all the geological diagrams and charts and he didn't understand a thing of what he saw. And he peddled you all a very expensive dose of BS as a result of his fakery.

Here's today's news from and before you say that nobody could have seen this coming, think again. I've been in conversations with real geols and real mining engineers who've been doing just that since 2014.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Nov 3, 2015) - Rubicon Minerals Corporation (RMX.TO)(NYSE MKT:RBY) ("Rubicon" or the "Company") today announced it is moving to suspend underground activities at the Phoenix Gold Project (the "Project") while it enhances its geological model of the F2 Gold Deposit and develops a project implementation plan.

"We believe in the potential of the Phoenix Gold Project," said Michael Winship, interim President and Chief Executive Officer of Rubicon. "We have high-grade gold mineralization with extensive infrastructure, in one of the top producing gold camps in the world. Similar to other high-grade, narrow-vein, underground gold deposits, the geology can be quite challenging and requires additional analysis to be fully understood. During the trial stoping period, we have discovered that the F2 Gold Deposit is much more geologically complex compared to our understanding of it from historical drilling." continues here