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Minera IRL Ltd (Team Hodges) has published its News Release

And they have no idea what they've just done. IKN strongly recommends that you read their news release, take in exactly what they've stated and in particular pay attention to the words of Jaime Pinto, non-executive chair of Minera IRL Ltd, repeated here:

Jaime Pinto, Chairman, said "we are truly sorry that the subsidiary's management team and community relations team have acted in an unprofessional manner and have used the Community issue as a way to advance their personal agendas. We have an Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders scheduled for November 26, 2015, and while this new information has come to light late, I hope shareholders will carefully consider this announcement, as well as all previous announcements by the Company, before they cast their final vote."

That's because this fool has no idea what he's just done to himself. He's just committed professional suicide and doesn't even know it yet. 

He'll know tomorrow. And so will you.