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More crispy ginger beef

Thanks are due to a reader who will remain anonymous for forwarding this mail, sent to a whole bunch of Fasken lawyers and people yesterday evening by "Bill" (who knows them well, it seems):

You must be distraught over how shareholders are being ignored by this board. Perhaps you and your firm could represent the shareholders in a class action to enforce the results of today's vote? Sr. Pinto is in town so you could serve notice tonight over some crispy ginger beef at The Pilot. Oh, wait... 

Laugh it off, d-bag. It's just your career at stake. You could always fail up into government.

Hey Chuck-a-LK, what would happen if someone documented everything you did and started feeding it to all your colleagues and partners? You think they'd come galloping to your rescue? I bet not. All those Osgoode grads worked so hard, you think they're going to let a schiester like you stand in the way of making partner?
We can start with Ruth?

Google it Ruth. Chuck had a good day today at the Minera IRL shareholders EGM. And don't make me send you an lmgtfy link. Ruth, you gotta try the crispy ginger beef. Chuck will make you some. Just ask him.

Not that Chuck gives a damn about what the shareholders voted for or anything. His buddy Hodges got voted out at the last meeting and now he's bitter. Gonna pillage a village in Peru I think. And a mine or two.

You should see all the racist stuff someone had some journalists to write as agit-prop leading up to the meeting. Did Fasken look after that?

How far is Fasken going to let Chuck drag them into this? Let me know. I'm looking for a lawyer myself. Will Fasken accept service? Can they, if they were colluding with the plaintiffs? Will Fasken be a plaintiff? Only time will tell, won't it Chuck-a-LK?

Cheers, Bill