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Pilot Gold ( I'll give Mark O'Dea credit for one thing...

...he's not afraid the wield the axe and kick out officers when one of his companies isn't performing. He did it with True Gold (TGM.v) when the previous boss dropped the ball on community matters. Today it's Pilot Gold ( and...
"On behalf of the Board, I would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Matt Lennox-King for his years of service to Pilot Gold. Matt assumed the role of President & CEO upon the spinout of Pilot Gold, from the Fronteer - Newmont transaction in 2011. We wish Matt all the best in his future endeavours."
...which when you consider this... more than reasonable. Which just leaves the non-O'Dea juniors that need to clean out the mediocrity in their collective head offices. That'd be about a thousand or so companies.