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Something you need to know about Jaime "I'M NOT HODGES!" Pinto, non-executive chair of Minera IRL ( (MIRL.L)

Back in late September IKN ran a note entitled "The Talented Mister Pinto" which outlined the story of Jaime Pinto (aka Jaime NOT HODGES! Pinto) of Minera IRL Team Hodges and his deep connection with a U$50m corruption scandal under the Fujimori government in the 1990s. It also noted how in 2003, after a Congressional investigation into corruption, the people running the investigation recommended that Jaime NOT HODGES! Pinto face criminal charges for his role in the affair.

For more check out the full note on Pinto, it's right here on this link. Lotsa fun.

Thing is, today we learn that the case against Jaime Pinto, one which was never dismissed but laid dormant, has been re-opened and he is again under active investigation by the Peruvian authorities. His case is being investigated by the people at the Lima Penal Court that specializes in cases of corruption (precisely in Spanish, the "2da Fiscalía Provincial Penal Especializada en Delitos de Corrupción").

It's also worth noting that unlike the trumped-up and gossamer thin case brought against Diego Benavides by Minera IRL Ltd earlier this week, Diego Benavides is not the person who's brought the charges against Jaime NOT HODGES! Pinto. Nobody from Team Benavides in fact, these are completely separate from the whole IRL affair.

So if you feel like voting for a person who's under a real and high-level corruption investigation, Pinto's yer man. Go ahead, make his day.

UPDATE: To answer a mailer (very quick feedback on this post), no I'm not making this up. That's why I included the exact name of the courthouse in Peru where the investigation is moving forward. I understand the case was re-opened on Tuesday or Monday of this week, which will also help you check if you so desire.