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The Fed December hike now baked in

As noted in The IKN Weekly last Sunday, consensus for the US jerbs headline numbers was +190k and 5.0%. So the 5.0% was on, but the 271k jerbs means we're now baking in the December Fed rates hike. Gold dumped to previous resistance as a result and today may turn out to be a good day to buy a few things (that is if you're not a Casey Research subscriber and have spare cash rather than being totally bought in on all their constant buy recos).

I digress. At the Weekly we've often said that it's not  question of "if" on Fed rate hikes, it's "when". That question seems all-but settled now, Fed being data-monsters and that.

For smarter commentary on the jerbs numbers and their fall-out, check Calculated Risk today. No better place for this type of US thing.