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The Minera IRL ( (MIRL.L) EGM has been suspended

These Team Hodges scumbags couldn't go any lower, they need castrating in a public arena. Due to them being out-voted by an overwhelming majority, they simply hide behind anything they can find and run away like cowards. They're pretending that Ontario law abides for a company that works under Jersey law. Seriously, grabbing at any straws they can. And thus the meeting has been suspended, due to assholes.

Want to know why Canada's mining industry is dying a death? It's due to asswipes like Chuck Higgins and Daryl Hodges, ably assisted by "respected Peruvian lawyers" like Jaime Pinto.

And by some incredible surprise, Daryl Hodges and his rotten taste in bad quality footwear showed up at the Minera IRL EGM, held in his matey mate Chuck Higgins' place of work.