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The use of passive voice in mining company news releases, IAMGOLD ( (IAG) edition

It could be done through this humble corner of cyberspace's famed Ottotrans, but in this we're about the use of annoying grammar tricks rather than content. And passive voice, my stars it's annoying and anyone who's riled at a politico who says "Mistakes were made" instead of "we made mistakes" will know the score on this one.

IAMGOLD, unably mismanaged by the apparently un-moveable Steve Letwin, shortlisted for World's Worst CEO for the last three years, gave us this pearl this evening (IKN highlights):
Five experts in rock mechanics, four of whom were mandated by the Company and one by the CSST, have made their recommendations after concluding that the root causes of the rock burst have been identified.

Why can't they just tell it as it is, write "We Totally Farked Up" and be done?