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There's a reason nobody was considering that, Eric. A really good reason

This from an interview with Eric Sprott dated October 20th 2014, a little over one year ago:

The Gold Report: How will an explosion in the number of Ebola cases impact the global economy?

Eric Sprott: Fear of travel and business disruption is definitely going to have an impact on a fragile economy already weakened by recessions in Europe and Japan. An event like this could have serious negative repercussions because it changes people's behaviors. If people worried about the security of bank deposits start pulling their money out, they would logically want to shift to gold and silver. All of a sudden, investors would come back into these markets and push the price up. No one is considering that. The natural Armageddon of disease could cause a financial Armageddon and precious metals are the natural comfort play.
A chart of the prices of gold and silver, October 20th 2014 to date, along with the SP500. The S&P500 index is the (oh the irony) gold coloured line and is up 10%. The others aren't.

Never mind, there's always the next Armageddon.