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Chart of the day is...

...two years of Jemi Fibre (JFI.v):

There's one thing that all Bobby Genovese companies have in common: Sooner or later, the shape of their price chart (plus the periods of heavy traded volume) are exactly the same. The M.O. is simplicity itself too, anyone who can read a balance sheet can see how the share price was destined for Crush City.

Until the OSC/BCSC closes down thieves like Bobby G, nobody will ever take the Canadian markets seriously again. This is 2015, information flows like water and the segment of the investment community that isn't taken in by scam merchants can see that the structure they're offered by the regulatory authorities begets this financial violation, time after time.

PS: And yes, IKN has run many posts on JFI since this pump and dump began, starting on August 9th 2014 with this and covering many aspects, including the obvious deterioration of its financials this year (e.g. this post). Many more besides.