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Charts of the day are...

...four ratio charts, which plot the relative performances of four bigname mining companies against the gold price. In effect, we see which ones have been doing well against gold recently:

Here's Goldcorp (GG) versus gold:

Here's Barrick (ABX) versus gold:

Here's Newmont (NEM) versus gold

Here's Franco Nevada (FNV) versus gold:

It's somewhat unscientific because the Y-axis scales differ in each case, but the story here is the shape of the squiggly line more than anything else. In all cases we see the drop suffered by the sector in general in the early summer to July, then the four miners do their own thing. And yeah, I've put them in the order you see because it's a worst-to-best show, with GG choppy and unable to raise its head, while Franco Nevada has been performing consistently well against gold since September. 

It's up to you to decide whether NEM is doing better than ABX in the last couple of months. I've put them in the order you see, but there's a case to be made for ABX's regularity and gentle upmove vs gold.