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Gary Biiwii is bullish on precious metals in 2016

And that's not a permabull's call either, Gary Tanashian of Biiwii and NFTRH has been calling bear for quite a while but he's suddenly getting hot and sticky about the sector prospects for the year ahead. Here's his note today and here's a chunk to give you interested enough to go over and read it all:

" the summer of 2011, it was obvious that the gold sector was not only due for, but in need of a cleaning. Well folks, that is the good news! We gold bugs have been deep cleaned, buffed, waxed and are just about ready for prime time, hopefully much wiser and more humble than before. The bear market has been a good thing. Period.
I could unleash a chart fest showing gold’s long-term support and downside risk, individual gold stocks that are already in bull markets and myriad other things, but I want to keep this article compact and on message. That message is that a huge proportion of the risk (vs. reward) in gold is now in the rear view mirror with four solid years of bear market activity. So we will show some strategic monthly charts instead.