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Minera IRL ( (MIRL.L): An interesting post...

...or three have been brought to my attention of a reader of the Minera IRL chatroom page. Poster "eljay" stuck a combo-post on the page there and here it is below, with some slight editing done to make it read nicely. It's a good read because the person who wrote it is obviously a reader of IKN and is obviously on the right side of this fence. Especially interesting to hear about Chuck Higgins and rats, but I can confirm to the person who wrote this that Daryl Hodges is indeed one of the owners of The Pilot. And he's 100% right on the NOMADs at Canaccord London, one is a greenhorn and the other is in cahoots (and deep in the doo-doo if he doesn't change sides very stars Henry, don't you know it!).

Anyway, here's eljay.


Channel your energy friends. You may be just a bit piece shareholder but you have rights. Pinto Fryer and Jones have obligations. 
Here's what you can and should do:
1. File a complaint with the OSC. Specifically that the board is refusing to disclose the result of the vote. That is the rule they broke. OSC's job is enforce disclosure of information. I and others have filed complaints. I've gotten response that they are taking it seriously and investigating. 
You don't need to be living in Canada, you just need to have the ability to complain an d have the ability to delineate your argument in English or French. XXXX get your brain together and spell/grammar check on if you're going to tackle this one. More the merrier! 
2. Robin Fryer is a CPA in the USA. That means he is bound by a VERY strict code of ethics. Complaints are by snail mail only.
Familiarize yourself with their code especially "Acts Discreditable" and the "Conduct of members in business" also familiarize with this [Link Removed] as that will be his line of defense.
Here is the code
Put together a good argument. I'm working on mine. Here's the bad things that Robin Fryer has done: he announced the intention of a dilutive equity offering should Pinto "Not Hodges" get control (hurts existing shareholders), he allowed the shareholder vote to not be revealed by Pinto at the 11/26 EGM - this is the killer. OSC "should" get him for this. So should the AIM (and Canaccord, more on that later).
Anyway, a deluge of complaints to the AICPA will cause a harmful investigation with a high probability he loses his CPS, rendering him useless as an accountant and totally shamed out of the industry. He deserves it. He is trying to steal from shareholders. He has not disassociated from Pinto or resigned the board as the code requires therefore he is working with Pinto. His comments about the dilution indicated where his loyalty lies and he needs to go down hard for it.
3. Jones is a member of the the Aussie Professional Geologist. They have a code of conduct as well. Theirs is much simpler and he has broken rules 3,6,and 9. Put your argument to pen and take him out as well. It will virtually destroy his career and any credibility he has in the mining industry.
4. Fryer is on the board of Shanta Gold. I don't think the poor shareholders of that company would approve should they know what he's been up to on this board. Go ahead and let their investor relations email know that you are filing a complaint about Fryer to the CPA. 
Even better if you are a shareholder of Shanta, you can agitate to get him fired, voted off the board at the next meeting. He deserves it remember. He's a bad man, trying to steal from us. Fight back.
5. AIM regulation works differently than in Canada. In Canada and Ontario specifically we can complain right to the OSC. In the UK you can't complain directly to the AIM or the FSA or what have you. That is the Nomad's responsibility. The Nomad is Canaccord. Call them up and ask to speak to Oliver Donaldson. You can email Oliver directly at I all him every few days. I think he's afraid. He seems like a young guy that might have just found out he stepped in it. He's sympathetic to a point but I think he's in over his head. Enough pressure will make him do the right thing, maybe. It's worth a shot. Just keep pushing him. Tell him if the board doesn't disclose and abide the shareholder vote by "some date" you will report him and Canaccord to the AIM. Henry Fitgerald O'Connor you can try but he's never gotten back to me. I think he's the one in cahoots with the board and Oliver is some foil who doesn't know what he's in to. Their main line is + 44 (0)20 7523 8000. That's the best way to get Oliver on the phone and give him an earful. If you get his main line he'll see the call display and ignore it.
5. When you do get Oliver on the phone, let him know that the phone number for Eric Olson at +1 (416) 907-7363 is a fraud. It's on all their recent NRs. But the poor darling receptionist on the other end doesn't work for IRL and she thinks she's supposed to pass messages on to Brad Boland. Call her anyway and put the pressure one. Be nice, I think she's just a temp.
6. On that note, Pinto and Olson are using a number that is not valid for contact. Complain to the OSC for that too. Tell the OSC the company is releasing NRs with ghost contact info. It's fraudulent. Email with the same info. He's their lawyer and responsible for legal compliance. Chuck is feeling a LOT of pressure because of Otto, plus his restaurant might have some issues with rats. I've never been but I think people that do go there should complain to the city of Toronto.
7. I'm sure that Chuck Higgins is one of the owners of The Pilot. I'm not sure that Daryl Hodges is. He might be but he's not on the corporate documents for the numbered company 2008221 Ontario Inc that Chuck is. He is the partner of Four Twenty Investments lol. Google that.
8. Speaking of lawyers: Shareholders in the UK have recourse through class action against the board. I haven't done a lot of research on it though. I've done some for Canada though. I've spoken to several lawyers this week that say there is likely the ability to sue personally Pinto Jones and Fryer. You need to be careful though. You don't want to sue Minera IRL. You would be suing yourself as a shareholder. Canada has something call a derivative class that you can take against the directors of a company for harm they caused shareholders. More on this another day I guess. I need to get a lawyer who can really help me on this. So far so good but plenty of nitty gritty to go.
9. I implore any shareholder reading this to explore all available avenues you have. You have rights as a shareholder. I'm depressed that larger shareholders than myself aren't pursuing lawsuits yet but maybe the one to make it happen is me or you. Stop with the hand wringing and do something to protect your rights. Stop waiting for others to do things for you. This is small chump change company to many people but for 500 others it is their livelihood. For me it is a moral duty to stand up against evil to protect me and my family. If I have 1 share or 10 million shares (I do have more than Fryer/Pinto/Hodges/Jones combined) I want to fight evil and see holy justice prevail. Don't be like my brother, he has 5x more shares than me and he's like off the end like ____, just gave up and call it a loss. Don't give up. Light can prevail against the forces of evil. It takes patience and determination but we can win.
I'm not finished, maybe mid next week. I have other work to do but once I have something cohesive I will share. Only high level points will come though. I won't permit myself to be plagiarized. None of this is urgent. The statute of limitation is years.