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New Fascism

This piece on the rise of New Fascism is a decent enough read, though much like IKN it's a bit too mouthy for it's own good. But read it I did and I'm glad I did so because about half way down there's this, which really resonated:

"A generation of leftists decided instead that the true opposition wasn’t a right-wing economics locally — but a global politics they called “neoliberalism”. But much of neoliberalism, in stark opposition to trickle-down economics did in fact lift millions across the globe out of poverty, misery, and despair. Why? Because liberalism, however you choose to define it, is not trickle-down economics: it is precisely the opposite — investing in institutions, people, and societies, so that gluts do not pile up at the top.

"Yet, the left began targeting and protesting the very institutions that were defending the globe from trickle-down economics — the World Bank, the IMF, the UN. Of course, I’m sure that those of you who are leftists will quibble with me vehemently here, and call me a Terrible Person. But the simple fact is that the IMF and World Bank were created by Keynes precisely to prevent wealth piling up at the top — and that is precisely what they did."

That's sharp insight. Go read it all