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News from Banks Island Gold (BOZ.v), Louis James's "biggest personal position"

In three snack-sized parts.

1) Here's what Louis Lobito Little Wolf James, fake geologist and chief rock kicker at Casey Research, said about Banks Island Gold (BOZ.v) in 2014 when he pumped the merry bejeez out of it and got people in at 50c (and here's an extract line or two):
"I want to remind readers that both Doug Casey and I own shares in Banks. Personally, it remains my largest position."

"...I'm reiterating my renewed Buy recommendation. Whatever happens in the near term, these shares are a great buy, whether for a first tranche or a second. I intend to buy more myself—after giving you a chance to do so first."

2) Here's what IKN said about Banks Island Gold (BOZ.v) when your humble scribe eventually took a look at the thing (and here's an extract line):
"Seriously. I mean, seriously, how can anyone in their right mind like a company with a balance sheet like this? Let alone somebody as dangerous to other people as Lobito who recommends it to other people. Especially when those people are a bunch of naive sheeplike followers who require a little expertise in the sector, not tripledumb investment advice?"

"I knew Louis James was stupid about geology. I didn't realize how stupid he was about financials. The above is just plain embarrassing, it's amateur hour level."

3) And here's what BOZ.v said today:

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Dec 23, 2015) - Banks Island Gold Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:BOZ) (the "Company") announces that the Company has canceled the equity financing announced by news release on December 1, 2015. The Company did not receive sufficient interest to be able to close the $3M minimum financing required to support its operations over the coming months.
As a result, the Company has insufficient funds to maintain operations and has received notice of claims from three significant trade creditors for payment of outstanding debt. The mining reclamation bond posted by the Company with the Ministry of Energy and Mines has been confiscated by the Ministry. The Company has provided notice of termination to all of its remaining employees effective December 31, 2015. The Board of the company is currently comprised of Ben Mossman, Jason Nickel, John Anderson and Frederick Sveinson.
The Company is consulting with its legal advisors, and will provide a further update on the Company's status in the coming weeks.

How's that trade doin', Lobito?