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Now that IKN has both Bob Sangha and Sandeep Singh of Maxit Capital... signed-up readers of the daily e-mail digest, IKN Nerve Centre would like to inform these gentlemen that they are prime examples of everything that is wrong about the Canadian capital markets world. A special place in hell awaits them after the way their treated their fellow human beings during this current incarnation.

UPDATE: We have mail feedback. For the record, he may have visited since 2010 (that I don't know) but he only joined the mailing list a month ago.

I have been forwarded your note today.
I’ve been on your distribution list and/or visited your website since at least 2010 when (name supplied) pointed it out to me when we worked together at Dundee.  I don’t recall meeting you but clear that you would prefer if I was not on your email distribution list so please feel free to drop me.
Enjoy the holidays.
Bob Sangha