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So if I have this right...

...the goldbug commentary group tells me that the Fed raising rates about zero in December is good for gold and that Draghi in Europe lowering rates to under zero in December is good for gold. 

Here's a chart used in this IKN post from the year 2008 (!!):


Event goldbug analysis recommended action
Broad markets lower It had to happen BUY GOLD!
Broad markets higher manipulation! BUY GOLD!
Gold higher The upwave begins BUY GOLD!
Gold lower manipulation! BUY GOLD!
Gold holds steady it's a coiled spring BUY GOLD!
dollar lower fiat crap going to zero BUY GOLD!
dollar higher manipulation! BUY GOLD!
Fed raises rates inflation is rampant BUY GOLD!
Fed lowers rates inflation will be rampant BUY GOLD!
LIBOR rate rises systematic breakdown BUY GOLD!
LIBOR rate eases liquidity returns BUY GOLD!
Silver higher Short squeeze! BUY GOLD!*
Silver lower manipulation! BUY GOLD!*
Gold lease rate up banks not lending gold BUY GOLD!
Gold lease rate down easy to get cheap gold BUY GOLD!
*or silver