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The five most popular Friday OT posts of 2015

And we make it to the end of another year. Other places do look-back reviews of their fave or most popular posts in the year, but as IKN is ashamed of what it publishes* we instead review the music and videos, specifically the Friday OT segment to see which slots of tunes were the most popular, in direct hit terms.

And here are the top five, all of which can be accessed by clicking on the names:

That Jimmy Page semi-interview-semi song was a fave with many of you, not least reader and friend AB who waxed lyrical in a mail way back in January when it came out. Then "Messi is a dog", Spanish with English subtitles, is the only non-music video to make the top five list. It's also wonderful and just the thing for any non-football fan who wonders what all the fuss is about.

Third place comes Paco de Lucia playing a buleria from heaven, the chemistry between him and the cajón player is a marvel, too. Then the runner up is Miss Philippi....ah no, the runner up is the OT from just a couple of weeks ago, Tom Waits hitting your festive chords.

And the winner, the most popular Friday OT of the year, is richly deserved. My own personal musical discovery of the year (but only because I'm slow, he's been around for at least 15 years), I've never heard anything quite like the amazing and deeply beautiful music of Jon Hopkins.

*nah, not really