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Trident Gold (TTG.v) bites the bullet

Back in 2013, Trident Gold (TTG.v) bought the Marquesa Gold project in Colombia (close to Gramalote) from Colombia's Bullet Group (Grupo Bullet), for half a million in cash and 40% of its shares. At the same time TTG raised $4m or so from unsuspecting retail suckers savvy mining speculators to go exploring, because the deal involved them spending at least $1.5m on a drill program and things or that ilk.

This morning TTG sold the property back to Grupo Bullet for the approx $450,000 in debt it has outstanding (mostly to Grupo Bullet, surprise surprise).

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. See you in Colombia in 2019, Canuckies. Come on down, the water's lovely and the fruity rum punches are just so delish.