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What Minera IRL forgot to mention in its EGM news release of a few minutes ago

Here's the link to the official IRL NR, which doesn't have the percentages of the votes. That's probably because company chair and Team Hodges lackey numero uno Jaime Pinto was voted out with 92% of the votes going against him. Roughly 131 million to 9 million.

Bye bye Jaime.

It also forgot to mention that Doug Jones and Robin Fryer were elected via a minority vote, that's to say there were more votes against them than there were for them. The reason they survived is that the agenda items were deemed "special" and needed 66.67% of votes in order to pass. Come the AGM next year, those two charming and engaging gentlemen won't have that type of protection. Worth thinking about.

Bavin got 92% of votes in favour. Ramos around 86%.

As for Diego Benavides withdrawing his nomination, I strongly suggest you read the minutes of the EGM when they become available. They will explain things very well, you'll have no need for biased commentary from either side afterwards.

The IKN Weekly on Sunday will have a lot of details and thoughts about the result of the vote. It will also have a special section devoted to Jaime Pinto. And my stars Jaime, I've been waiting to publish on you vaya hijo de recontra mil putas que sos.