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Argonaut Gold ( 4q15 production

NR here, chart here:

In line.

And by the way, I'd care more about the stupid way in which they calculated their silver/gold ratio at 55/1 last year and the even more barefaced 65/1 for 2016 if they produced more silver. As it is, silver is a very small part of the revenues mix so the ratio doesn't matter much, but it does show the pissy-obsfucating attitude of the management team.

Anyway, as blurted above the Q4 from was in-line. Then again this isn't the problem at this company, it's the fact that it's not making a single buck of profit from all that production. And the mess of a balance sheet with working cap propped up by accounting magic in the inventories column plus the crappy worthless assets it insists are still worth big bucks. Time to impair on Magino, sophists.