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B2Gold (BTG) ( reports production numbers after the bell this Thursday afternoon

Just so you know. That gives you an hour and six minutes to decide what you want to do, fellow B2 long (fwiw I'm staying long through the results). And to tie in two themes today, that of B2 and Placer, here's a line that reader D stuck in a mail to your humble scribe this morning:
"It would be a crowd hit if you could find someone who has an archived copy of the 2003 or 2004 Denver Gold webcast where Clive Johnson, then CEO of Bema, begs someone, anyone, to just take Placer Dome over and 'put it out of its misery.'"
We like readers with long memories, thanks D. What goes around comes around, or summink.

UPDATE: There ya go. 131k oz Au 4q15, which means they miss on guidance for 2015.