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Bob Moriarty on Steve Letwin

I'm a bit late to this (it was published on Jan 13th), so my thanks to reader LF for the headsup last night on this piece by Bob Moriarty on a combo of a couple of things, basically a company I've never followed called Sanatana (STA.v), the disaster area we all know as IAMGOLD ( (IAG) but most of all and for our purposes at IKN, Moriarty's precise and 100% correct opinion on IMG's boss Steve Letwin. For example:
"I’d far rather see Sanatana go into bankruptcy than to give the project away for peanuts to a prick bastard like Stephen Letwin. Thieving shouldn’t be encouraged."

And there's plenty more of that, made me remember the time IKN used to have teeth. Well written Moriarty, thank you LF. Go read it all here.