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Chart of the day is...

...ten days of prices in:

Gold bullion (the GLD ETF)
Silver bullion (the SLV ETF)
The broad markets (the S&P500 index)
The precious metals miners (the GDX ETF)
The precious metals junior companis (the GDXJ ETF)
The copper miners (the COPX ETF)

The question "Why do you own gold bullion, Otto?" never bothers me and I always answer it in a succinct manner. If the other person then asks follow-up questions we can go a bit deeper, if they don't then that's fair enough too. It's the "But why do you own gold bullion, Otto?" with that first word added and the sardonic tone from "experts"...that's the one I never bother to answer because it always falls on deaf ears. Because they know better, y'see. There's nothing they could possibly learn, y'see.