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Continental Gold ( Trouble in Buriticá

You get that tip-of-iceberg feeling? Me too. The below a direct translation of this news report from Colombia's RCN News:
At least 200 uniformed officers from the Mobile Anti-Disturbances Squad ESMAD, have stopped miners in Buriticá, in western Antioquia, from entering the underground works of a mine owned by the company Continental Gold, considering it at a high risk of landslides in the last few days.

"ESMAD had to intevene, because there is a serious threat of landslides due to over-minng. Even so the mine workers are trying to enter the emergency zone, despite the unstable ground and warnings", said the sub-commander of the Antioquia police force, Coronel Javier Guerrero.

In the area a team from Human Rights is also present in order to calm the atmosphere between the government forces and the miners.

The Antioquia government, via a communicado, said that the instability of the terrain had forced them to close the mine entrances. However there has been no press statement to comment on the issue.