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Endeavour Silver ( (EXK) puts El Cubo on care & maintenance

Back in April 2012 when Bad Crooke bought El Cubo from AuRico and paid U$250m (!!) for the pleasure, IKN had exactly and precisely this to say about the deal in the title of its pithy and topic post which went into the numbers of the mine (I'd call it "asset", but...y'know...)

"Oh look, Endeavour Silver ( (EXK) just spent a third of its market cap on a piece of shit asset and thinks the deal is non-dilutive"
And yes, that was our call in 2012, but Bad Crooke insisted to the world that he'd be able to re-work El Cubo, make it a leaner and more profitable machine etc etc ad infinitum. Then in January 2013 Crooke said this about El Cubo...
"Our strategy to acquire under-performing mines in historic districts for their turn-around and expansion potential does entail a certain amount of ''short term pain'' but our track record shows it can create exceptional ''long term gain''. I would like to thank our shareholders for their patience during this turn-around period at El Cubo."

...and oh how we laughed.

Today we hear this from EDR:
"...we plan to mine the accessible reserves this year at El Cubo and have suspended investments on exploration and mine development there until metal prices improve. That means El Cubo will see a steady decline of production through the year until it goes on care and maintenance in the fourth quarter." Continues here

All the pain, none of the gain. And to think that before buying El Cubo EDR was a $750m market capper, AFTER buying it it was a $1Bn (with a B) market capper and today, its market cap is $129m. What's really funny is the way that just this week Bad Crooke got called "legendary" by sycophantic coverage in Palisade Radio that's then picked up by Kitco. Legendary at pissing shareholders' money  down the toilet, it probabl means.