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Gagnon Securities of Brooklyn** New York...

...are absolutely fascinated by everything that IKN has written about Tahoe Resources (TAHO) this morning, according to your humble scribe's back office stats at least. 

Now I wonder why that might be?*
No fewer than 43 hits on different pages, all but a few on pages mentioning TAHO and most of those on the posts that mention how TAHO still disclosed a single word about the death of a worker at Escobal in November 2015. TAHO seems to think they can keep this negative event away from the world in general, when it's exactly the type of thing anal ysts care about when there are serious deals in the offing.

UPDATE: Thanks guys, I knew you wouldn't let me down. Have a nice weekend.

*in fact I don't
**we now hear that they're not in Brooklyn, it's just that their ISP runs through there