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Gold mining horse penis political risk news

What? You trying to tell me that a white Anglo-saxon male from one of them there industrialized nations working in a gold mine in a foreign country cracks condescending racist jokes about the locals and then wonders why he's in trouble?

Surely not!

"A Briton working at a gold mine in Kyrgyzstan has been detained and faces up to five years in jail for comparing a local delicacy to a horse penis, according to authorities.
"Police detained Michael Mcfeat, an employee of the Toronto-based Centerra Gold, after he posted the comment on Facebook, which caused a temporary strike at the mine, an interior ministry spokesman said on Sunday."

Full story here. Let us be clear: The people who live in the dark ages are not those who continue time-honoured traditions, be they dance, food, clothing, language or whatever other nuance that may make up regional cultures or customs. The people who live in the dark ages are the racist scumbags who make fun of things they don't understand.