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HudBay (HBM) ( Yet another truck carrying copper concentrates crashes at Constancia

By IKN's reckoning this is the fifth accident (or better said fifth reported accident) since Constancia opened and this time, it isn't just the enviro websites or pissy blogs like IKN that are carrying the news, it's the Peruvian national daily La Republica. Here's the photo...

...from the report and if that truck is in the correct conditions to carry the reported 30 tonnes of conc it had on board before it all went wrong, I'm Chinese*. And the report mentions the accident wasapparently due to the combo of excess speed and excess weight on board....naughty naughty HBM.

The accident happened at 06:20am this morning and the protective cover of the cargo broke, which allowed the concentrate to be dispersed by the wind and police say a wide area of local vegetation has been contaminated by the copper concentrate.

These are the World Class standards David Garofalo is bringing to Goldcorp soon.

UPDATE Friday: IKN welcomes Hill Knowlton as visitors to the blog this fine and sunny morning. Hi guys, great of you to come along and check out info on one of your main clients. IKN suggests that you bill them early, with copper at $2/lb you never know when Alan Haircut's company is going to hit that upcoming cash crunch.

*I'm not Chinese.